Bloomfield Township’s “Dog Ordinance” (Ordinance #423)

Dogs are not permitted to run at large off owner’s property. Dogs must be on a leash at all times when off the owner’s property, even if the owner is present.  It is unlawful to permit a dog to deposit fecal matter other than on owner’s property, unless immediately collected.  Violators of this Dog Ordinance are subject to: $500 fine, plus costs and/or imprisonment not exceeding 90 days.  Residents may anonymously report violators to Animal Control of the Police Department.

Open Storage

Only licensed operational passenger vehicles are permitted to be parked in a driveway overnight per Bloomfield Township Regulation #1508.  Vehicles parked in the driveway may be covered with a tarp.  Vehicles are not to be parked on the grass.  Commercial and recreational vehicles are not to be parked overnight in a driveway.


Street Repairs

All streets within the SBHIA are maintained by Bloomfield Township.  Unpaved street are graded and oiled on a regular schedule throughout the spring, summer and fall.  Report any paving breakage or rough roads to the SBHIA Street and Lights Board representative or contact the Road Department of the Township directly (Bloomfield Township Road Division).

Street Lights

There are 21 streetlights within the SBHIA subdivision.  The utility costs (electric) are paid by the SBHIA. Detroit Edison maintains the lights. Any malfunctions and/or faulty lights should be reported to the SBHIA Streets & Lights Director.

Trash Management

Neither Bloomfield Township nor the SBHIA provides removal of leaves from the street.  Do not rake leaves into the street. Leaves and other yard refuse should be places in brown bags or otherwise labeled containers.


All fences and any structure having an accessory use must have Zoning Board of Appeals approval before a permit can be issued by the Township. All permits must be obtained from Bloomfield Township. The SBHIA is only notified if the homeowner is applying for a variance from Bloomfield Township.  All variances must be approved by the Deeds and Restrictions member of the SBHIA Board of Directors.