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SBHIA Events

Spring - Egg Hunt, Spring Cleanup (4/27 @10am - Meet at flagpole on Marlborough)

Summer - Garage Sale (date TBD)

Fall - Sub Picnic (date TBD), Trunk or Treat (TBD)


 Egg Hunt

Thank you to everyone who braved the chill and the rain and made it out to the egg hunt on Saturday 3/30! There were about 20 kiddos and their parents who showed up to gather the 300+ eggs that were hidden near the Somerset well house, and after about 10 minutes the lawn was picked clean! A special thank you to those volunteers who helped make this event possible by filling and hiding eggs, and helping set up the coffee/doughnut tent which was graciously lent to us. We are happy we get to continue this neighborhood tradition and look forward to more neighborhood gatherings in the future!

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