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The Annual SBHIA Homeowner Fees  are $440.00 and are billed and due quarterly ($110.00 each quarter).  Currently, a $5.00 late will will be added to  your account if not paid by the due date. The Annual total may be paid in full by the end of January

 to receive a $40 discount; pay only $400.00!


Contact METRO GROUP for your Account / Payment questions: 248-745-7100

Pay ONLINE via Use Company ID: 6774 and Association ID: SBHIA

The water and maintenance fees charged quarterly (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st) cover the cost of the following services provided by SBHIA:

  • Maintenance of the water system (two community wells, water mains, and associated valves, lines, hydrants, etc. to support the water system)

  • All fees related to the testing of the water system

  • Insurance costs and management fees related to the water system

  • Utility costs related to the water system and the streetlights

  • Professional service fees for water system oversight, accounting services

  • Mailing  and costs associated with business system

  • Grounds keeping costs for well sites, common areas and entrances

  • Neighborhood communications and social events

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