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Street Repairs
All streets within the SBHIA are maintained by Bloomfield Township.  Unpaved street are graded and treated on a regular schedule throughout the spring, summer and fall.  Report any paving breakage or rough roads to

Street Lights
There are 20 streetlights within the SBHIA subdivision.  The utility costs (electric) are paid by the SBHIA. Detroit Edison maintains the lights. Any malfunctions and/or faulty lights should be reported to

Trash Management
Neither Bloomfield Township nor the SBHIA provides removal of leaves from the street.  Do not rake leaves into the street. Leaves and other yard refuse should be places in brown bags or otherwise labeled containers. Trash/Rubbish is currently collected on Mondays by GFL. They are under contract for all of Bloomfield Township and can be reached at 844-464-3587

Per Bloomfield Township Ordinance, trash cans may not be set out on the curb earlier than noon on the day before collection, and must be removed from the curb within 12 hours of service. All trash cans, recycling bins and yard waste containers must be stored inside and out of public view when not out for collection.

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